Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box!

Holy mother of.... It's actually true! it's not an April fool prank!
If you read my "Easter! Guild Wars 2 News!" and the April fools' day, I've been talking shortly about the info I had on it. Well, Now I've tried it myself and here it is! 


The Super Adventure Box entrance is found in the northern part of Rata Sum and I was wrong about the continue coin, as I wrote in the earlier post;"There is a machine in Rata sum that requires continue coins to use it". This is wrong, The Continue Coins are simply to --yes you guessed it-- continue when you're out of extra lives! But fear not, the Shopkeeper in "SAB" sells various of items just for you! and... just for that place, you cant bring the bombs or whips back to Tyria and run around giggling like a little schoolgirl while you throw 8 bit bombs all over the place.


So why should you "waste" your time with a game within a game?
Easy; You get  and you can trade in 250 "Baubles" for 1"Bauble Bubble". Oh and you get 2 Bauble Bubbles" them for the daily kills on bosses, and it's per character, per day. So if you want the Greatsword or Backpack skin, make sure you grab all the Bosses and Baubles you can find!

When you talk to Moto himself the first tab is all about the weapon skins, shamely we're missing some of them, for an example: WHERE IS THE SUPER AXE SKIN?!

sigh, oh well I hope they add it sooner or later.... The skins costs Bauble Bubble and gold. so make sure you got enough money to grab 'em all!

In the middle tab you can buy Continue coins, Obsidian Shard, Crystal and 6 Philosopher's stones and Super Adventure Box o' Fun. To be honest, Since this "event" is going to be for the whole month, I'd recommend you to get what you want from the skins first, then go berserk on those Crystals and Philosopher's stones like it's no tomorrow! 


Because they usually cost Skillpoints and if you're aiming for a Legendary (like I do) I would rather pay with another currency than skillpoints since you need that damn thing that costs 200 skillpoints....

And the last tab is maybe the most important one:
Bauble Bubble for 250 baubles
and Continue coin for 25 baubles.

Having the chance to buy the continue coin makes it easier for people who have really bad luck in the game and needs it to keep on playing with their friends or alone.

Entering the World

 When you enter the SAB you get a classic menu of the worlds with tiny houses! To the left is World 1, where you get into the mood of actually saving the princess and the will to defeat the evil...king...knight...whatever he is.

That tiny little could in the middle is the "easy mode" which makes the first zone in world 1 a tad easier with the clouds helping you on the jumping part, by giving you a path of rainbow to go on.

To the right is World 2, The only part that's unlocked today is the first zone. Which is a shame really, but from world 1 to world 2 it takes around 20-30 min if you're rushing, 50-60  min if you're going to explore all of it. 

Speaking of exploring and such, you get new achievements to go with! I believe there will be more and more achievements for each time.

World 1.

I'm not going to spoil anything or.... at least try not to.
But the intro to the game is quite similar to any other platform game on Console from the 80-90's.

You have the Bad guy that just kidnaps the princess all of a sudden on a picnic trip.

And you have the good Guy(s) who will do their best to get her back, plain and simple story, but works like a charm!

You will get a weapon as you can see here that is a.... yes, it's a stick... But this stick is your trusty weapon for grim times awaiting

When you're exploring you'll find a chest sooner or later, and depending on how many players, the chest needs a key to be unlocked, given the amount of Players there is. If there is only you, only 1 key is needed, but if there's 5 of you, 5 is needed.

(or you can just whip the chest to grab what's in it, not sure if it's a bug or not).

After a while you'll notice a door rammed into the wall like it's natural thing to do! It's the shopkeeper and he got things for sale! 

From Zone to zone, he will have different items to sell. But key, potion and extra lives will stay, since that's the most bought item and needed for the times when you're in dire need! 

The usable items are: Stick, Slingshot, Bomb, Whip, Torch, Potions, Shovel and a spell, something with wind. (Can't really get the hang of that one.)

You can have max 9 Potions and 10 extra lives and 250 Baubles until you upgrade the bag/wallet to hold 500. Sooner or later you'll buy the bombs and slingshot, Those use Baubles for ammo, so in other words; you have "unlimited" ammo if you want to waste your baubles for it.

Queen Bee Dog

All right, all right, This one is rather... humorous? first of all it's a Bee Dog, and I'm damn sure it is Disney's Goofy! OK but back to the game in a game, The Queen "Bee Dog" is a "hidden bonus boss" that can be found by following "Bee Dogs" when they gather nectar's (baubles from flowers) and bring it back to her. of course you can just run and find her yourself.

She got 2 attacks, pretty simple to dodge and notice. but stings like a bee when she hits you. (HAH!) So watch out for that whirlwind-merry'go'round-thingy she does and you'll be fine, The hornet charge is just a scary looksies, it's not that hard to dodge.

After defeating her you will get 10 Baubles, but that's not all! The Queen "Bee Dog" will always be next to a Honeycomb and there lies a great deal of.. sweetness. 

Upon breaking the honeycomb you'll gain around 25-30 Baubles (not quite sure), so you better look for the bee's around on the map.

First "boss"

I'm not quite sure if I want to call this one really a "boss", but he has a boss chest, and a victim! The victim is a shopkeeper that gives you the opportunity to buy items from him in the next world. 

The boss himself is quite simple, whack the cage and dodge the red laser coming from his eyes. oh! and don't let me forget the nice thing about boss chests:

 There is a rare chance you can get a rare weapon skin in it that sells for 10-25 Gold (depending on the skin), but I believe the prices are dropping because of the amount of players doing this... what Even? Dungeon? Super Adventure? hell i dunno. But in my eyes, just take it as a bonus if you get it when you're doing it daily.


 Most of you probably have done this one but yes, I just spoiled the first "last boss in a world". It's the Frog king, and he's royal, he's mad, and he just don't like the taste of his own jewels... (oh god did i just make a joke about... never mind)

I will Keep a close look for more Adventure time when it comes! but until then: KEEP ON PLAYING!